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Hello, we’re Brand Articulations, a creative and strategic brand consultancy built for today’s complex and ever-changing brand landscape. We blur the lines between brand consultancy and creative agency, helping brands connect with consumers on deeper, more emotional levels. We help articulate what brands want to say, then help find the best ways to bring that over-arching brand narrative to life. We are brand expression specialists, grounded in insightful, emotional strategy.

We transform strategic thinking, data and consumer insights into brand emotion. We call this Emotional Strategy™.

Brand Articulations

A brand articulation is a carefully crafted set of emotional words that when agreed upon, can liberate the emotional power of your brand. We create various types of brand, product and category articulations. And while each one is different, they all begin with the same upstream process and end up in the same form: a single A4 piece of paper with a beautifully crafted set of words on it that captures the emotional potential of the collective brief. Only when these words are crafted and agreed upon can we take the next step toward crafting a coms strategy and creative brief to bring the strategy to life.

A different approach, a different structure

We believe there is a gap between traditional brand strategy and the creative brief your agency needs to create great creative expressions and experiences. We function inside this gap. Our team has many years of experience as Creative and Strategic leads of various international, creative-driven communications agencies. We work upstream with CMOs and brand teams to create research and strategy that will push people’s buttons. We then work with your agency, or our sister company and creative studio, LORE, to bring our strategies to life in the form of emotional and culturally relevant creative expression.

There is often a gap between
Brand Strategy and the creative agency brief.
We work within this gap, bridging the world
of strategy and creativity.

We’re a band of strategic and creative minds, well versed in the international coms world, yet working upstream with brands and their stakeholders.

And as our space suggests, we’re big believers in the power of brand emotion.

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